BMW Jacket GS Rallye GTX men, black

The BMW Motorcycle Jacket GS Rallye GTX Men is a mid-season to summer enduro jacket. It stands out for its efficient ventilation systems and its waterproof outsert.

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The comfort of the BMW GS Rallye GTX mid-season motorcycle jacket:

The jacket is made of a blend of polyamide and cotton, it is lightweight and specially designed for ventilation. The over-suit overcoat is made of Gore-Tex, making it waterproof, windproof and dustproof, it can also be used to counter cooler temperatures.

Made for ventilation, the jacket is therefore composed of a slightly breathable fabric as well as an elastic perforated mesh padded lining, to keep you cool. There is also 3D mesh on the back protector, to ventilate your back.
Zipper systems are present on the sleeves and on the back. The front main closure can also be used to pass air.

The motorcycle jacket adjusts to the sleeves with a continuous system, in addition to a quick adjustment system with press stud. The cuffs are adjusted with Velcro, the collar with a press stud.

The jacket offers nine pockets in total: two interior zipped pockets, four front pockets, a small pocket on the sleeve, a large pocket on the back (at the dorsal level) and finally a pocket designed to accommodate the pocket. TrinkPak Hydra water tank.

The safety of the BMW GS Rallye GTX motorcycle jacket:

The BMW GS Rallye GTX motorcycle jacket has NP3 protections on the joints (elbows and shoulders). A long NP Pro protector is present on the back for full protection.

Discreet black reflective bands are present on the sleeves and on the back to ensure your visibility.

The jacket is made of a highly abrasion resistant fabric to provide maximum protection in the event of a fall.

The jacket is certified class AA, EN17092.

The advantages of the GS Rallye GTX BMW jacket:

The jacket is very ventilated, we find the BMW logo on each sleeve and BMW Motorrad on the back. Supplied with its waterproof Outsert, the jacket adapts to more climates and temperatures. It therefore adapts to warm to medium temperatures.

connection zip is present on the jacket, in order to connect it to your BMW pants.

In comparison with the GS Rallye AIR jacket, the GS Rallye GTX is more suitable for instense enduro, with its waterproof outsert. The GS Rallye GTX jacket offers more ventilation and adjustment systems.

The highlights:

  • Use: enduro
  • Gender: men
  • Season: mid-season / summer / all season
  • NP3 and NP Pro protections
  • 9 pockets
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Waterproof (over-suit)
  • Class AA, EN17092
  • Connection zip

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